Bald Move TV – LOST (2004) – Commissioned Podcast

Special thanks to Casey, Shayne Bowman, Elisa from LA, Michelle, Frakkin T and his sister Tara C, Rachel from Brooklyn, Scotland K, Rachel, and Medelliae for banding together and commissioning a podcast on the season 3 finale arc of ABC’s dawn of the golden age classic, “LOST”. We reviewed “Greatest Hits”, and “Through the Looking Glass” parts 1 and 2 for the commission, but discuss our complex and varied histories with the show, our personal feelings towards the characters, and consider the strengths and weaknesses of the show overall.

Family Meeting

Family Meeting – We Call It “Death Spin”

Kelly & Tom thoroughly enjoy recapping S3E4 of Peaky Blinders (the Entourage or Walking Dead of the UK, depending on who you’re talking to), one of the show’s best hours. They discuss the highly upsetting 1953 film Lili, the Shelby women finally getting their cool af day in the sun, Kelly’s awareness of Latin, Tom’s…

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LWJ&A – 6/24/2016

Is there any nutritional value in watching two guys talk about random topics for about an hour? 9 out of 10 physicians agree. Lets just leave it at that.


Game of Thrones – 609 – Battle of the Bastards – SpoiLore Edition

Jim and A.Ron consider some book-based speculation and theories from the latest episode of Game of Thrones! If you’re a show-only watcher who doesn’t want any spoilers, it’s best to just skip this one. Need to catch up? Here’s a Tinfoil SpoiLore archive of previous podcasts by topic. Each link has a time code listed so you can jump right to the tinfoil topic of the week for your convenience and listening pleasure.