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LWJ&A – 08/31/2015 Edition

Starts approximately at 1pm EST! The boys will be talking A.Ron’s birthday, our Beaver Island vacation (that’s not a euphemism, I promise), and whatever you peeps want to ask / hear about!

Family Meeting

Family Meeting – Our Lady Of Perpetual Office Hours

Kelly & Tom recap the penultimate episode of Peaky Blinders S2E5 and share some bonus listener feedback! They also make a bunch of apologies, point out one of Mrs. Whore’s sandwiches, continue to fret that Ada has sold Comrade Baby, realize that Esme is a way better strategist than Arthur ever was, reflect on Solomons’…


Fear The Watching Dead – 101 – “Pilot”

Jim and I have a lot of thoughts on the 90 minute pilot of Fear the Walking Dead, episode 101, “Pilot”. Is Nick’s portrayal of a drug addled teen realistic, or just annoying? Is the step father Travis well meaning, or an enabler? Is the mom Madison smart and savvy, or frustratingly in denial about what’s going on around her? Will we as the audience have fun watching and waiting for the characters to catch up to our knowledge of basic Zombology, or will it be tedious? And just when will Matt wake up and realize he can do so much better than the patronizing and frankly douchey Alicia? The jury is still out on a lot of these questions, but we along with our fellow fans sift through the episode for as many answers and indicators as we can.