Watching Dead – 607 – Heads Up – Instant Take

So, we got some clarity on a Big Event that happened Earlier This Season with tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Heads up”… Obviously that’s a lot to talk about, but we also have some moral philosophy debates between Morgan, Rick, Carol, and others, with Carol possibly getting some remorse for the way she’s rolled since infection ran wild in the prison.  Should she?  Michonne has some thoughts on Deanna’s “Barly == Intellect” plans, but we aren’t privy to them.  Gabriel’s running a G.D. prayer circle out by the solar panels, and his faith is rewarded with… green balloons.  What did you think?  Use the links below to send them in and we might just read them on our full coverage cast Tuesday.


Direct – Quentin Tarantino – Kill Bill vol. 1

The first installment of Tarantino’s Kill Bill series is packed with entertainment value. This week, the guys discuss Tarantino’s audience manipulation techniques, what makes QT comfortable, and the excellent performances from Lucy Liu and Sonny Chiba. Join us next week for Kill Bill vol. 2. Join the conversation: Leave us a Review  | Kill Bill vol.…


American Horror Story Podcast – 506 – “Flicker”

We’re back with another full recap of American Horror Story episode 507, “Flicker”. We finally find out what’s on JPM’s forbidden floor, how Gaga found herself as a glampire, and delve deeper into the mystery of John’s relationship to the Ten Commandments Killer. All this and a solid feedback mailbag. I’d say we’ll see you next week, but I’d be lying, as AHS is taking the week of Thanksgiving off, and so are we. We’ll see you back two weeks from now!

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LWJ&A – 11/20/2015

Join us for lunch where you will learn about the horrors of elementary children in black-face, the wonders of Muk-Bang, and which albums of the past two decades blew Jim & A.Ron’s minds.


Fargo – 206 – Rhinoceros

A.Ron is sick and the show notes are suffering for it. But this otherwise excellent podcast for Fargo’s extremely excellent episode 206, “Rhinoceros” managed to be recorded just before the precise instant he lost his voice. We talk a lot about Lou and Hank, the majesty that is Karl Weathers, Jabberwockies and aliens and just all kinds of stuff. And while A.Ron might be on death’s door, the email bag is quite healthy. Enjoy, take some vitamin C and get your flu shot, and we’ll see you next week!


Following The Leftovers – 207 – A Most Powerful Adversary

Another Sunday, another mind blowing episode of television, as The Leftovers introduces “A Most Powerful Adversary”. We talk about the journey Kevin embarks upon this episode, how we feel about Nora’s abandonment and Jill’s return to last season’s form, Inferno connections, and much more. All this and a ton of feedback… the wait for Sunday is going to be painful